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Need a website?

I can provide custom or template web design services. I also provide very low-cost hosting services as well as support. Our success story at the moment is, a self-made inventor of a home product that has been storming the market since 2012. We have been with Cabidor from the beginning and have helped manage their online presence as they have grown into a national level manufacturer, serving outlets like Costco and Wal-Mart. It has exceeded my expectations but maybe because that is due to the great product they provide and the fact that we're just helping unleash it.

I can consult on your business, provide guidance (which does not always result in a suggestion of a website), and direct you as to how to harness technology for your business so that you can make money. I think that's the key difference. I don't just make you look good--I will take you to conversions and connections with your customers. Just give me a call and get the process started. I won't bill you until you're happy. Reach me any time at 727-753-9897 or jrtietz[at]


Greater New Port Richey Main Street


$900-2000 Template website

$2800 - Fully customized site design, includes video integration if needed

$5500 - Fully customized site design and all photography or videography work needed included.

Web Hosting - Small to medium level web traffic - $165/year

Domain Name Purchasing - $15/year (Personal maintenance and service is an additional cost)